How To Calm Rosacea  | The Best Products Can Be Helpful

How To Calm Rosacea | The Best Products Can Be Helpful

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that affects the facial skin and its source is not defined, but its signs and symptoms can be treated and calmed.

Rosacea appears to some people and flares up with some triggers, but It can be reduced by medicines and products.

It usually develops after the age of 30.

Women are more affected than men with this condition.

Most people with rosacea have redness which can be treated with a skincare routine.

Rosacea can be controlled, but never completely gone away.

It has been categorised into 4 categories:

1-Class 1 is characterized by redness, visible veins and flushing.

2-Class 2 is characterized by butterfly flushing on the nose and forehead.

3-Class 3 is characterized by thickening of the skin on the nose and It Is more common in men than women.

3-Class 4 is affecting the eyes and making them red and sore.

Triggers Of Rosacea

-These triggers are several which should be avoided and these include environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, changes in temperature, spicy food, physical exercises, hot drink, stress, anxiety, anger, some medications such as corticosteroids or some medical conditions such as cold, cough or fever.

-It is important to keep these triggers under control.

Rosacea can be treated or calmed and reduced with the right skincare routine such as:

-                Cleansers

-                Face Mist

-                Moistures

-                Sunscreen

Cleansers :

1-Osea Ocean Cleansing Milk :

-It Is an effective cleanser.

-It is the most important step in the skincare routine.

-It Is an organic product, cruelty-free and formulated without sulfates or fragrances.

How to use :

-Apply It to damp skin and rinse with warm water and follow with hyaluronic sea serum.

-It can be applied twice a day, morning and night.

2-La Roche Posay Toleriane Dermo Cleansers :

-It Is suitable for sensitive skin.

-It Is a milk cleanser and unfragranced without perfume.

-It Is tested under dermatological control.

How to use :

Apply It to the skin, massaging in a circular manner, Then remove It with a cotton pad without rubbing.

Face Mist :

1-Avene thermal spring water :

-It Is manufactured to smooth, soften and Calm sensitive skin.

 -It can be used after a shower by applying It to the skin, It gives the right amount of wonderful cool moisture.

-It can be used after makeup and is good to reapply over makeup throughout the day for hydration.

2-Tower 28 SOS Spray :

-It is made of hypochlorous acid which is much like hyaluronic acid that occurs naturally in the body, So this acid doesn't react with the skin and helps to kill bacteria on the skin and reduce the look of redness.

How To Use :

It is applied on dry, freshly cleanser skin, Then leave It to dry, Then Apply moisturizer.

It can be applied morning and night.

Moisture :

1-Avene Skin Recovery Cream Rich :

-It comes in 2 types, regular and rich.

-It contains the same thermal spring water in addition to glycerine for gentle hydration.

-It also can come in a hypoallergenic squeeze tube.

How To Use :

-Applying to the face and neck after cleansing.

-It can be used twice, morning and night.

2-The Ordinary NMF+HA

It is a lightweight moisture that is formulated with hyaluronic acid and other compounds that are naturally present in the skin.

Sunscreen :

1-Purito Centella green level unscented Sunscreen

Purito rosacea products are effective products which can be used to reduce signs and symptoms of rosacea's patients.

These products are safe, honest, natural without artificial fragrances and surfactants.

Purito brand provides a line of products which have one thing in common each is formulated with Centella Asiatica extract which soothes, blemishes and reduces inflammation such as

-                Purito centella green level calming toner.

-                Purito Centella Green level Buffet Serum

-                Purito centella green level unscented Sunscreen

Sun exposure is harmful to the skin even if normal skin is not sensitive, So people with rosacea or with normal skin should use Sunscreen daily and should be used at an early age to have beautiful and healthy skin.

-Purito centella green level unscented Sunscreen

 is considered the top of Sunscreen lists due to its high sun protection, hydration and its lightweight feel.

-It Is very helpful for patients with rosacea because of Its updated formula which is completely unscented with absolutely zero essential oils.

-It Is just a refreshing formula somewhere between a Cream and a gel to shield the skin.

2-Heliocare 360 Protection Tinted Gel :

-It provides skin with protection against undesirable effects of sun rays.

-It hydrates the skin, slows down the process of ageing.

-It prevents hyperpigmentation and sun allergies.

How To Use :

Apply this product before exposure to the sun and reapply frequently to maintain protection.

3-Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum :

-This sunscreen is manufactured especially for rosacea.

-It looks like Heliocare, but It is easier to apply due to its lightweight silky texture.

-This sunscreen is available in tinted and untinted options.

-It has hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and niacinamide which are skin barrier boosting ingredients.

Retinoids :

Retinoids are a group of vitamin A derivatives that improve skin tone and stimulate collagen production to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines.

1-Medik8 Crystal Retinal

-It is ideal for people who have sensitive skin as rosacea's patients.

-It is an advanced serum with the most potent form of vitamin A that promotes healthy skin renewal.

How To Use :

It is used in the evening after cleansing, apply It with massage in a circular manner to the face and the neck before applying the moisturizer.

It should be applied in gradual phases and only in the evening.

2-Copper Peptides

-It can be used as an alternative to Crystal Retinal in the skin evening routine.

-Copper Peptides promote collagen elastin production and provide antioxidant protection.