Cetaphil Pro Eczema relief products | The Best Gift for Your Skin

Cetaphil Pro Eczema relief products | The Best Gift for Your Skin

If you suffer from atopic dermatitis (eczema), if you suffer from red, dry, cracked, and itchy skin Cetaphil Pro Eczema relief products provide the solution.

Did you try many products and spend a lot of money to relieve eczema symptoms but you didn't get the result you want?

Cetaphil Pro Eczema relief products will help you to get rid of all these annoying symptoms of eczema. It also will repair your skin, but first let's know more about eczema (cause, symptoms, treatment, and how you could improve it).

What Is Eczema?

Eczema is a condition that affects the skin making it red, itchy, dry, cracked, inflamed, painful, and sometimes infected.

It is not a contagious condition which means it is not transferred from one person to another. Eczema is often seen in babies and young children but it also can affect people at any age ( adults, teens, and old people too).

People with asthma and other allergic conditions are at a higher risk of getting eczema than others.

However, eczema has no cure but you can use many treatments to manage the symptoms such as moisturizers and gentle cleansers .

Types Of Eczema:

Contact Dermatitis ( Contact Eczema)

Contact dermatitis happens when the skin becomes in contact with some irritants such as (solvents, alcohol, detergents, airborne substances, plants, etc )and it goes away just when these irritants are removed .

Dyshidrotic Dermatitis(Dyshidrotic Eczema )

This type of eczema mostly affect fingers, palms of hands, and soles of feet it is characterized by itchy scaly patches of skin that may flakes, cracked, red and painful

Women are more affected by this type of eczema than men .

Nummular Dermatitis ( Nummular Eczema )

This type of eczema is more common in men and it usually happens in the winter months and mostly affects the legs causing dry round patches of skin .

Causes Of Eczema :

The causes of eczema are not fully known or understood but some studies show that many things may cause it such as:

The Immune System :

Sometimes your immune system becomes overactive against small irritants or allergens causing inflammation for your skin .

Our immune system normally attacks the foreign proteins such as viruses and bacteria and ignores proteins that are found normally in the human body but sometimes the immune system can't know the difference and attacks the protein of the skin causing inflammation and damage.

Genetic Reasons

If there is a history of eczema in your family unfortunately you are at high risk to get eczema.

Environmental Reasons

Some people are more sensitive to environmental issues than others for example ( tobacco smoke, air pollution, some types of fabrics like wool, soaps,...) All these factors may affect your skin causing eczema.

Weather conditions also may affect your skin for example low humidity makes skin more dry and itchy and hot weather makes you sweat a lot that worsens eczema symptoms.

Stress And Emotional conditions

Stress and bad emotional conditions may make you have eczema and if you already have eczema it could worsen the symptoms.

Diagnosis Of Eczema :

 There are no specific tests or methods that are used to diagnose eczema specifically but physicians depend mostly on symptoms .

 Contact dermatitis may be diagnosed by a patch test in which allergens are applied to a patch then placed on the skin. If the skin becomes inflamed it means that this allergen causes allergy and should be avoided.

Symptoms Of Eczema:

-Dry skin

-Itchy skin

-Red rashes

-Cracked skin

-Scaly patches


-Flakey skin

Eczema could affect any part of the skin but some places affected more than others ( inner elbow, arms, back of the knee, and scalp )

Sometimes eczema becomes less severe with age.

Treatment Of Eczema :

There is no treatment for eczema but physicians may advise you with some systemic and topical medication gusts to manage the symptoms such as antihistamines, steroids, and immunosuppressants.

Other therapies may also be used to improve the skin condition such as photography in which ultraviolet light is used to prevent the immune system from attacking the skin and also prevents skin infection.

A lifestyle change may help to improve eczema conditions such as ( avoiding stress, meditation, good night's sleep, …. )

Now after we talked about eczema causes and symptoms let us see how Cetaphil pro-eczema products can help you to get rid of eczema annoying symptoms .

Cetaphil PRO Eczema -Prone Skin Body Wash

Soaps and other cleansers make skin dryer which worsens the symptoms of eczema but Cetaphil PRO Eczema -Prone Skin Body Wash

Cleans and soothes skin gently without over-drying .

Benefits of Cetaphil PRO Eczema -Prone Skin Body Wash

-Dermatologically tested

-Hypoallergenic Free


- Fragrance-free

- Preservatives free

-Patented Filaggrin technology helps to improve natural skin moisture

-Improve skin barrier

-Help to get rid of itching and dryness

-Suitable for all ages even babies ( 3 months and older ).

How To Use Cetaphil PRO Eczema -Prone Skin Body Wash?

-Wet your skin with water

-Apply the Cetaphil PRO Eczema-Prone Skin Body Wash and massage to leather

-Rinse will

-pat dry

-Avoid contact with eyes

Cetaphil PRO Eczema-Prone Skin Body Moisturizing Lotion

This lotion is made with advanced technology that helps to repair your skin protective barriers that make your eczema-prone skin soother and healthier

Benefits of Cetaphil PRO Eczema -Prone Skin Body Moisturizing Lotion

-Dermatologically Tested

-Preservatives free

-Hypoallergenic free


-Hydration last for 24 hours

-Ceramide and Filaggrin technology combination that helps to retain skin moisture

-Restore the skin barrier

-Suitable and safe for all ages even babies ( 3 months and older )

How to use  Cetaphil-PRO- Eczema-Prone Skin Body Moisturizing Lotion

Apply on the affected area as often as needed or according to your physician direction


If you suffer from eczema which makes your skin itchy, scaly, red, dry, and sometimes painful.

 Cetaphil PRO Eczema-Prone Skin Body Wash will help you to clean your skin gently without any dryness.

& Cetaphil PRO Eczema-Prone Skin Body Moisturizing Lotion will help you to keep your skin healthy and moisturized

Cetaphil PRO products are made carefully with advanced technology to repair the skin protective barrier that improves eczema annoying symptoms.