Vaxigrip Buy Online|Spend winter Healthy without Flu

Vaxigrip Buy Online|Spend winter Healthy without Flu

Vaxigrip Buy Online|Spend winter Healthy without Flu

Vaxigrip buy online is an easy, trusted, and simple way for buying a vaxigrip vaccine.

Jumia, Amazon, and Dawa stores provide you with it at a good price.

What is vaxigrip?

    It is a vaccine in the form of suspension for injection.

    It is clear and slightly opalescent in color.

    It protects us against influenza.

    people can use it from 6 months and older.

    It was made by Sanofi- Aventis Australia pty It'd.

    It consists of an inactivated influenza virus.

What are the components of the vaxigrip vaccine?

    Main ingredients :

1-Haemagglutinin of influenza virus of different strains. 

    Inactive ingredients :

1- Octoxinol 9.

2- Formaldehyde.

3- Monobasic potassium phosphate.

4- Dibasic sodium phosphate dihydrate.

5- Sodium and potassium chloride.

6- Trace of egg albumin.

7- Neomycin.

8- Water for injection.

Forms of vaxigrip vaccine :

    You find it in packs of 1 or 10 single doses (.5ml).

    Pre-filled syringes with an attached needle or with one separate needle.

Information you should know before vaxigrip buy online:

    Don't use it if you have an allergic reaction to any ingredients of the vaccine.

    Suffering From an illness.

    Have an allergy to egg protein.

    Fainted from an injection.

    Bleeding problem.

    In cases of Guillain Barre syndrome.

    In case of taking other medicine, you should ask your doctor because some medicines interfere with the action of the vaccine and affect its work.

    Immune response problems.

    you can use it in different stages of pregnancy ( it's recommended).

    Can take it during breastfeeding.

How can I take it?

    It should be given by your doctor or the nurse.

    Take it from June to September.

    Doctors determine the best time for injection.

    The doctor gives you the first dose as. 5 ml of vaccine.

    It should be administered in the Upper arm muscle or deep subcutaneously.

    Infants give them in the thigh.

    Children less than nine years should take two doses with an interval of one month.

How can the vaxigrip work?

    It helps to protect you and your family from the flu.

    During pregnancy, one dose of vaccine can protect you and your baby from flu for up to 6 months.

    Doctors inject you with a vaccine that contains the inactivated virus, reaches the immune system, the immune system recognizes it as a foreign body, and starts the production of antibodies, especially for this virus.

    You should use it every year due to the different strains of the vaccine.

    Two weeks may be needed for the vaccine to work.

What are the Side effects of the vaxigrip vaccine?

    Like other medications, the vaxigrip vaccine has side effects.

    Very common side effects include:

1-Pain, redness, tenderness, bruising, and swelling of the site of injection.

2- Headache.

3- Muscle aches.

4- Shivering.

5- Feeling unwell.

    Side effects in children :

1- Abnormal crying.

2- Change in eating habits.

3- Irritability, drowsiness.

4- Vomiting.

    Severe allergic reaction is a serious side effect.

     pain in the nerve route.

    Neurological disorders like

1- Confusion.

2- Numbness.

3- Stiff neck.

4- loss of balance and reflexes.

5- Rare blood vessels inflammation.

6-paralysis of part or all of the body.

7- skin rashes.

 8- Weakness of limbs.

9- In very rare cases there are kidney problems.

    Does not affect driving or using machines.

How can I vaxigrip buy online vaccines?

(1)- Seif

     In Egypt, you can buy it online by seif with the best price ranges between 33:35 EGP.

    found in form of 1dose 1 syringe. 5 ml

    You can buy by cash on delivery or credit card two methods are available.

     They offer free delivery.

    The same product may cost you more if you buy it from Jumia or Amazon. It reaches 109 EGP.

     In Jumia, it is the cheapest, about 20 EGP among similar products.

    It appeared for the first time on 18 /8/2014.

    Product can't be exchanged or refund.

(2)- Dawa store

    It is found in form of 1dose 1 syringe. 5 ml      

    Vaccines Vaxigrip buy online from Dawa stores cost you 40 EGP.

    Methods of buy are cash or on delivery.

    It appeared for the first time on 23/10/2014.

    Cheaper than other similar products at Jumia.

    Product can't be exchanged or refund.

(3)Pharmacy easy

    It is found in the form of.5 ml of suspension in a pre-filled syringe.  

    It costs about 824Rs.

    They provide 100% trusted and secure payment.

    help you get standard quality products.

    They have a return policy so you can return medicines and health care items for 30 days.

(4) -Netmeds

    It is found in the form of adult injection. 5ml.

     one of the most trusted pharmacies in India.

    Has about 100 years of experience.          

     Best price 885Rs.

    They take money for delivery and add them to the costs. 

    Product can't exchange or refund after receiving it.

    It is also found in the form of. 25 ml for children.

    It costs about 805 Rs.

     They offer a 25% discount with a minimum order value 1188Rs.

(5)- Trade Í (CSC Pharmaceutical International)   

    This website differs from the above as its minimum order is 500 boxes.

    It costs about 2000:10000 INR.

    Methods of buy are cash advance, Cash in advance, or cheque.

    They add exchange costs due to shipping costs and taxes.

    Delivery time within 15:30 days.

    They have export markets in Africa, the Middle East, and South-Central America.

    The first ad for the product was on 3/2/2015.

    They can supply about 1000 boxes/day.

(6) -Trade Índia. com (Modern Drug House)          

    They have two forms of the vaccine. 5 ml for adults and. 25 ml for pediatricians (6months to 38 months).

    The first administration of the vaccine in this company was on 7/8/2013.

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